Kent SorrellsIn Memorial: Kent Sorrells died on 12/06/2007 after a brave battle with cancer. Because of our great respect and love for Kent Sorrells, we have kept his page on our site. He was a fine teacher, an amazing performer, hypnotist, husband, father, friend and Christian servant. He is missed by all of us at Mitchell Institute of Professional Hypnosis. We owe Kent a great debt for all he shared with us.

For almost thirty years Kent Sorrells entertained audiences throughout the Midwest. Kent was very interested in magic and illusion from a very young age, but it was during Kent’s senior year in High School that he met Jack Wain, who would dramatically influence a change in career. Mr. Wain had toured with a magic and hypnosis show during vaudeville and at age seventy decided the time had come to teach someone younger the act. Kent’s strong performing background, knowledge of magic, and desire to entertain made him the natural choice, and under Jack’s guidance he learned the art of hypnosis. Kent then studied psychology in college and did post graduate work in hypnotherapy at the Mottin and Johnson Institute of Hypnosis in St. Louis. Kent has been certified as a hypnotherapist by both the American Council of Hypnotic Examiners and the Hypnodyne Institute. In 1990, Kent became the director of therapy at the Personal Motivation Center in Springfield, Illinois. Due to his extensive show schedule, he resigned this position in 1997.

His hypnosis performing career has taken him all the way from birthday party shows to being awarded the Entertainer of the year in 1995 by the International Brotherhood of Magicians; this was only the second time in history that this award was given to a nonmagical act. Then in 1998 he was inducted into the exclusive Order of Merlin, a title reserved for magicians with 25 years performing experience. During this time period he has performed for thousands. Not only is each show hilariously different, but he treats volunteers with the utmost respect making sure no one is embarrassed or humiliated. He makes sure that everyone present has the time of their life.

Kent spent time as the only hypnotist performing on the strip in Branson, Missouri. Out of all the hypnotists in the nation, Kent was hand-picked my Merrill Osmond to perform at Club Vegas. Kent’s dynamic performing style and comedy ensured that every event was a success.