Clinical Training Testimonials

Graduates of Mitchell Institute of Professional Hypnosis Classes, Courses, Training Certification share their thoughts about how they experienced Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, NLP live training classes.

Many professionals, such as counselors, ministers, social workers, and alternative health practitioners, utilize hypnosis to expand the tools they have available to help clients. Call today to find out how hypnosis can help your practice.

Barbara McGhee, LMSW, MPH, CH Saint Louis, Missouri Testimonial for the Mitchell Institute of Professional Hypnosis

I attended William Mitchell’s NGH June 2013 Hypnosis training in St. Louis, Missouri. As a Licensed Social Worker, I have attended many workshops and trainings that afforded me valuable information, but not the opportunity to demonstrate that knowledge as part of the training. Dr. Mitchell’s training class was hands on, informative and very interesting. We were given several opportunities to demonstrate our skills on classmates and client volunteers. This hands-on approach was invaluable.

The class has given me the information, insight and confidence to incorporate the power tool of hypnosis into my work with clients.

Thanks Dr. Mitchell!

Barbara McGhee, LMSW, MPH, CH
Saint Louis, Missouri

 Harold Snider MA, CH Testimonial for the Mitchell Institute of Professional Hypnosis

I met William as a student of Hypnosis. He taught me the foundation courses to be certified as a Consulting Hypnotist by the National Guild of Hypnotists. William is an excellent teacher and a professional. I respect him as a mentor and as a colleague.

He is also an astute businessman. If you want to learn hypnosis, William is one I would highly recommend.

Harold Snider, M.A., CH

 Scot Giles, D.Min, CH Testimonial for the Mitchell Institute of Professional Hypnosis

“William is one of the best hypnotism instructors in the United States. His practice is ethical and his work always well-researched. I find him forthcoming as a person and insightful. I have a lot of confidence in his skills and in the quality of the training he provides.”

Scot Giles, D.Min., CH

 Robert Dunscomb Testimonial for the Mitchell Institute of Professional Hypnosis

William Mitchell’s presentations at the annual conventions of the National Guild of Hypnotists are always well attended and very favorably rated. He is a dynamic instructor and teacher and it was a privilege to learn from him.

Robert Dunscomb

Owner, Hudson Valley Hypnosis

 Charles J Massie Testimonial for the Mitchell Institute of Professional Hypnosis

On June 2012, I began my certification training at the Mitchell Institute of Professional Hypnosis. As a college graduate in psychology I found myself somewhat skeptical of hypnosis; however, after speaking with Mr. Mitchell on numerous occasions I decided to take his course. Throughout the entire training I was amazed at the professionalism and depth the course offered. Mr. Mitchell was very knowledgeable of his craft and its uses in a clinical setting.

Overall I am very pleased with the education received and the colleagues I met along the way. At the end I found that I had not only become very skilled in hypnosis, but had also developed genuine connections with fellow classmates. The field of hypnosis is made up of a small yet diverse group of people from all walks of life. This unique dynamic not only allows fellow hypnotists to learn from each other, but to also help clients who face many unique challenges.

I highly recommend this course to anyone genuinely interested in the art of hypnosis. Especially those who wish understand the integration of hypnotic techniques in a psychology/counseling field.

Charles J. Massie, BS, CH
Graduate Student, MAPC program
St. Louis, MO

 David Rich Sol Testimonial for the Mitchell Institute of Professional Hypnosis

William Mitchell is an excellent hypnotist and hypnosis educator. I completed William’s hypnosis training and was impressed on how in-depth our course had been. Not to mention, we were given all the appropriate tools to begin hypnotizing people during the first day of training – and we did. At the end of our training, not only did i feel confident to begin incorporating hypnotherapy into my professional practice, but I was taught advanced clinical skills that have truly made a difference in my clients’ lives. Thank you William for your great instruction and mentoring.

David Rich Sol

M.Div., LMT

 Cozette Devlin Testimonial for the Mitchell Institute of Professional Hypnosis

 What an experience!

This course, with the Mitchell Institute of Professional Hypnosis, was well constructed, informative, and very easily understood. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone interested in developing skills in hypnotherapy.

William Mitchell is an excellent teacher; very professional, ethical and dedicated.

I thank you for a beautiful start to a wonderful profession!

Cozette Devlin,
C.H. Hypnotist
Sun Prairie, WI

 Dr. R. Craig Hogan Testimonial for the Mitchell Institute of Professional Hypnosis

I went through training for The National Guild of Hypnosis Certification with William Mitchell early in 2009.

I have a Ph.D. in curriculum and supervision and have been an administrator training university professors to improve their teaching in two universities and a medical school. William’s approach to training gave me all the skills I needed to feel confident in my ability to induce hypnotic trance and to successfully engage in activities such as age regression, smoking cessation, pain management, and weight loss.

He is a master at teaching his highly effective, unique methods.The classroom atmosphere was always professional and engaging, with ample time to ask questions and explore unique issues in hypnosis of special interest to me. I would recommend his training to anyone interested in both becoming certified and knowing techniques that will result in successful hypnosis sessions.

R. Craig Hogan, Ph.D.
Director, The Business Writing Center

 Lonnie E Scott Testimonial for the Mitchell Institute of Professional Hypnosis

Years went by as I studied Hypnosis on my own. I looked into everything I could get my hands on, and continued reading all the scientific research on the subject. Through all of the reading I never actually tried it! I found myself suffering from paralysis by analysis.

I finally made the decision to get formal training, and after looking into all the resources out there I determined The National Guild of Hypnotists; and Mitchell Institute of Professional Hypnosis were the best options available.

From the first phone call, I could tell William Mitchell loved his craft and improving the lives of people with hypnotism.

I soon found by comparing my experience with friends across the country that William’s approach to teaching is a rare gem. He made sure we understood what we were doing, but he also had his own clients volunteering for our practice! The experience of actually working with real people seeking real results was amazing and irreplaceable!

I promise you will not regret taking your certification course with William Mitchell.

His passion for the craft, sense of humor, and in depth knowledge will blow all your other options away! I’m quite proud of where I received my certification, confident in my skills as a result of that training, and honored to count William as a friend!

Thank you, William, for all you have done! I’m certain you and this training the catalyst that has changed my life forever.

Lonnie E. Scott, C.H.
Mattoon, IL

 Natalie R Toney Testimonial for the Mitchell Institute of Professional Hypnosis

The Mitchell Institute of Professional Hypnosis provided me with the comprehensive tools needed to begin a career in the exciting, ever growing and limitless field of hypnosis.

Having been part of a class that was small in size and consisted of students with varied backgrounds further enhanced my learning experience, as each of our individual questions were always answered. The support within this environment was overwhelming as we learned from one another as well as, offering encouragement throughout the certification process. This was especially helpful during the hands on training. Despite that the students credentials ranged from a Doctor of Psychology, Master of Social Work, Marriage Therapist, and those just beginning a career as a Hypnotist, this was an area that was new to all of us and with the extraordinary teaching methods of our instructor William Mitchell, we finished the certification course feeling confident, accomplished, and full of anticipation to use our knowledge we had gained as new hypnotists and hypnotherapists.

Taking this course has been a life and career changing experience and I plan to take advance courses in hypnosis at Mitchell Institute of Professional Hypnosis in the future.

Natalie Toney, BFA, C.H.
Graduate Student MFA Program,
Washington University, St. Louis, MO

I had been interested in hypnosis and studied aimlessly on my own for over a year before I decided to pick up the phone and call William Mitchell. I wish that I had done it much sooner because I am now as of June 21st a Certified Clinical Hypnotist through the Mitchell Institute of Professional Hypnosis. I am able to utilize my passion and trained skills in my everyday life while earning money doing so. Now I am about to start my second round of training with William as my mentor, and I am very excited and feel very blessed to have a mentor that leaves such an impact on my abilities to use hypnosis as a career option.

I took the option to do the shadow training with William in his office, as well as his Certification class that is taught in a group. I have already had great results with clients and feel I completely understood what was being taught. William is a great teacher, and mentor. Any time I have any questions regarding Hypnosis and the field around it, he is very quick and clear with his answers. I do believe that he cares that his students know what they are doing by time they receive their certification.

I am about to start my show internship through MIPH and am very excited to be able to learn advance techniques in hypnosis for entertainment purposes to include in the list of areas I am trained in. The best value of this class for me is that his ethic morals are high and he is known for his clean family friendly shows.

A value that I like to shine some light on about MIPH is the special training classes that they offer throughout the year. I took a speed trance class with John Cerbone, and plan on attending another class late September with Richard Nongard all offered through MIPH.

I would recommend his training to anyone that has any interest in pursuing hypnosis for business purposes or even just for fun. The environments always great, the professionalism is always present, and the MIPH all around is a great group of people to even be associated with in this business.

Justine Shumard, C.H.
August 23, 2013

When I announced to my family and friends that at age 70 I was going to take a class in hypnotherapy at the Mitchell Institute the responses varied.

I made the journey to Decatur in the dead of winter to experience the total awakening of my whole being. Not only did I better learn how to better help my mental health clients but how I could make the lives of my friends and family healthier and spiritually enriched.

As I observed and practiced what I had learned I found my life transformed. Having spent the last four years in great pain as a result of two spinal surgeries and a brain aneurysm I had lost hope. I listened and found myself internalizing the post hypnotic suggestions I was hearing and giving to others.

As a result of this experience I no longer need most of my medications and feel better than I have in 15 years. I exercise faithfully almost everyday and eat more healthful foods. I have learned to manage my stress with a spiritual approach and trance. I look forward to my return to the mental health service provision and am filled with the images of the transformations that may occur in others lives. Thank you William for your contributions not only to me but to those people whose lives I can greatly improve by practicing the skills I have learned.

Carol Davis

I have been interested in hypnosis since my college days when I received a BA in Psychology. William’s class gave me a wealth of knowledge and practical experience that I had not anticipated, and left me with the desire and encouragement to learn even more.

Pastor Mitchell is genuinely compassionate towards his students and the people he sees who have the desire for self-improvement.

The Mitchell Institute of Professional Hypnosis has left me excited and enthusiastic about beginning my own practice.

Steve Tracy

William, you are terrific!

I came with a lot of skepticism about hypnosis to your seminar. As an ordained Christian minister unless someone proves what they say I find it hard to believe. But from day one you proved to me that hypnotism is very spiritual, healing, and powerful.

You have given me a great tool which I can use with everyone who is in need.

Thank you for everything William and may our Good Lord bless you.

Rev. Godwin K. Raj.
Marian Joy Hospital
Wheaton, IL.

I have worked with Dr. Mitchell in his excellent hypnosis training program. I have found him to be highly personable, very supportive of his students, and extremely ethical.

Most importantly, Dr. Mitchell was able to communicate the essential skills of hypnotism and other related areas of clinical knowledge for the students. Excellent course!

The Rev. Dr. Charles Witte, D.Min.,
Pastor and Pastoral Counselor,
Bethany, IL

I took William Mitchell’s Hypnosis Certification Training course.

Rev. Mitchell gave a very professional, well organized and entertaining course. I felt thoroughly prepared to begin utilizing the basics of hypnosis in my practice.

I would highly recommend Mitchell Institute’s Hypnosis Certification course to anyone who is interested in the practical application of an exciting field.

Dr. Janice A. Van Niel,
Clinical Psychologist, Psy.D.
Kenosha, WI

Unlike other hypnosis training I’ve had during this training we used volunteer subjects off the street {not fellow students or pre-prepared subjects} the results for smoking; weight loss were great; consistent in accordance with the sequence of the steps to hypnotize! Also we were able to hypnotize by ourselves, even when we were not that confident reading from a script “it worked”. We learned that hypnosis “worked” even when we hypnotized subjects the first time with a script and little confidence.

Ruth Todd, C.H.
Lincoln, IL

Thank you for providing me with the knowledge and tools to begin the process of becoming a professional hypnotherapist.Because of your help and direction, I feel confident and ready to use hypnosis in ways that I believe will maximize my effectiveness in helping others.Your training program offered both the opportunity to learn the basic skills of hypnosis and the chance to apply these skills in a very structured and supportive setting. It also helped me learn that hypnotism can be part of a process to help an individual make decisions and take life changing steps that are right for that person.

I would unquestionably recommend your training program to anyone that is ready to begin the process of learning how to use hypnosis to help others.

Douglas S. LaBelle, MSW, LCSW
Social Worker/Psychotherapist
Resources for Change, LTD
Kenosha, WI

Before coming to the Mitchell Institute, I was not that familiar with hypnosis. I found it to be a very safe, positive therapy that can be used for a myriad of issues.

William Mitchell presented the information in an easy-to-understand way. He made the course interesting and fun.

It was great to work with volunteers from the community and see hypnosis at work.

I would recommend that anyone who has an interest in hypnosis take Mr. Mitchell’s course.

Debora S Beer , C.H
Rochelle, IL

The Mitchell Institute of Professional Hypnosis Certification was intelligent, energetic, entertaining.William Mitchell’s introductory course on hypnosis moved quickly, sifted through a lot of material, and endowed me with a working understanding of hypnotic processes. I especially appreciated his hands on approach, guiding us as we worked with real people dealing with real issues.

I recommend William Mitchell’s clinical training in hypnosis.

Susan M. Panger, M.A.,
Kenosha, WI

Great class – organized, great detail- lots of practical experience time.

Great reference materials to go home, study; set up my practice.

Great class, William!

Kathleen Barnes, C.H.
Tulsa, OK

William Mitchell kept the class interesting and informative with so many relevant clinical experiences from his own work.

Thank you for a great class!

Kathy Sheetz, R.N., C.H.
Bloomington, IL.

What a fabulous experience!

William Mitchell’s hypnosis seminar was very thorough and informative. William is professional and so energetic. The training has given me a new and exciting service of therapy to use in my private counseling practice.

Cheryl Frost M.A., LCPC
Lemont, IL.

William, your schools hypnotism certification class was wonderful! I am greatful that I was a part of it. You are truly a good teacher and a fine person.

Patrick L. C.H.